our purpose

“Everything that we have known to date, and everything that made us who we are today, as humanity, have been redefined in every way in 2020.  It has been a year of reconsidering our needs and priorities to survive together with our loved ones. Once again, we have seen the value of science, knowledge, and cooperation.  Seemingly stable practices, habits and assumptions which would normally take years to evolve, have been transformed so quickly. The concepts of work, work force and work place are no longer what we have been taught in the past.  The constructs required for the organizations and leaders to make the right decision are being reshaped.  Therefore, we must redefine the purpose of existence of the professional services and management consulting practices.


Now is the time to light up and get on the road to revive the hope.  Let the new year be the beginning of this journey! This is our open invitation to all the leading global or boutique professional services firms of the World and Turkey. Let us cooperate, not compete, for the satisfaction of the needs and expectations of the new world. Let us create collective value.


We will always gratefully welcome all travel mates who are willing to accompany us, support us, and walk by us on this journey.






Hakan Erten


Nova Nora Consulting

Our Core Values

At Nova Nora, we strive for achieving the highest quality of services, without sacrificing from our core values: